A full day at home

Sunday was a full day of grocery shopping for my mother (87), her friend (Marie, 90) and my aunt & uncle (both in their late 80’s) and then delivering the shopping to their respective homes and I stayed and chatted with them for a bit – Marie and I sat on her lovely little balcony (I didn’t go inside her unit). Marie was feeling 100 yesterday, but today only 80 (her words) and she said she had a sign in her brain that said ‘our of order’!

I went to my mothers in the arvo for a cuppa and a chat as I didn’t have time in the morning, and she has a nanna nap at about 1.30pm for about an hour.

I managed a full day at home on Monday … I was happy to stay home … and didn’t need to do any grocery shopping for myself as I found a meal I had cooked previously in the freezer – yippee!!

So today I rearranged some furniture, looked at which pictures to put on a particular wall – nope they haven’t been put up yet!, made and iced a cake (1st cake made in my unit – still don’t like to oven and hotplates!), did a load of washing and hung it outside (washing didn’t get hung out til 2pm, so I’m hoping there was enough heat in the sun to dry them!).

I also watched a movie … to me it seemed like a mix of ‘Sliding Doors’ and ‘Four Weddings & a Funeral’ – nope don’t remember the name and I only finished watching it about 2 hours ago, what does that tell you?!

Tomorrow I’m meeting a client (I have one client I still meeting face-to-face for about 2 hours) and we will go for a walk along the river downtown, have a mocha for her and soy hot chocolate for me and then do some grocery shopping (I supply gloves to wear when grocery shopping).My Mum has had a couple of video chats (via FB messenger) with my sister (Wendy) and a couple of my brothers (Robert & Warren). I would love to see a weekly Zoom or FB messenger chat set up with everyone and Mum during COVID-19 … I wonder how many of my siblings will think this is a good idea and I wonder who will instigate it?!!

Anyway, tomorrow is another day … and hopefully we will be one more day closer to being back to a new sort of normality.

Monday – another day of staying safe & healthy

Well today was an OK day – I grabbed some toilet paper this morning … winning! What a good way to start the day.

Rego is due on Ivy Pearl so she had to go to Mechanics today – she was OK, but she needed a new battery.

I got some exercise in as I walked from the mechanics, after dropping of Ivy Pearl, and walked back to collect her when she was ready to come home.

I watched ‘Duchess’ on Netflix today – I really enjoyed it more than I thought I would.

I also had a trip to the Tip Shop and got some ‘stuff’ for my backyard where I would like to grow plants up them to cover the colour bond wall – my track record is that I can kill cactus, so wish me luck!

I also have to confess that I went to Bunnings and got some stuff to start with … a small self watering planter, soil, a couple of plants (cheap, and they say they are OK for full sun and shade) and a watering can (well its red and plastic!).

I unpacked the final box that needed to be done … now all I have to do is put all things from the box into the bookcases – plenty of time for that … tomorrow!

First entry

Well here goes, this is my first entry for a blog or whatever this is (thanks to Betsy for always challenging me with new things to try).

This is what I’ve done this afternoon:
– started a budget using Google documents – didn’t get far because I thought I had lost it, but it’s OK I didn’t, I will just need to find the document again when I update it tomorrow!
– helped start a website (through WIX) for the Creative Artisans Gallery in Ballina where I’ve been volunteering weekly in the Gallery and update their FB page (check it out).
– still learning how to use Google documents – it’s a very different world than what I’ve been used to during my working life as all documents were ‘controlled’ / easy to use/find/set up.

Now I’ll teach myself how to insert a pic to these pages … til next time … bye!